General Info & Policies

Rental Procedure
  •  Knowing what date(s) you are using these items is ideal.  Deliveries and Pickups get scheduled around your event dates so if you are planning to use the tent for any time the day before (such as a rehearsal dinner) or after your specific event date (such as a breakfast/brunch), we need to know about that so we can schedule your order accordingly.  Details are imperative as early as possible.  Once the delivery and pickups get scheduled, they do not get changed.  We have a general window of 3 days prior to your event date to deliver items to you and a window of 2 days following to pick them up, at no additional cost to you.  This is subject to change when working with a venue that has their own set standard times in and out as well.  We do the best we can to adhere to those guidelines in order to ensure everything goes smoothly for everyone.  It is the customer's responsibility to let us know these specifics as early as possible.
  • Delivery and Pickup charges vary upon location and are subject to change.  This rate covers both delivery & pickup as a roundtrip service. 
  • Deliveries are made to first floor or garage only. Rates vary upon location and do not include carrying equipment long distances. Extra charges apply for stairs, elevators and hills. Please let our office staff know ahead of time in order to allocate the correct time frame to accurately schedule your delivery. 
  • We specify a delivery time within 3 days prior to your event date and pickup within the following two days after your event date.  We will call you closer to that time to inform you with our delivery time. 
  • Everything is delivered and picked up together. If you have specific details regarding the window of delivery or pickup, we require knowing those details no later than the date that falls 10 days before your event date. 
  •  Once this delivery is scheduled, there is very little we can do to change it and you are required to make the necessary accommodations in order to be on site to sign for your delivery which is why we call ahead to confirm with you. 
  •  It is the customer's responsibility to make ensure we have all the necessary and accurate information ahead of time to avoid any last minute hindrances. 
  • GJ’s Rentals crew members will need the closest access point for deliveries on all sites and locations.   
  • We are responsible for setting up and taking down any tent, dance floor, staging, lighting, heaters and farm tables only, that you may rent from our company. 
  • It is the customers responsibility to have a floorplan or a layout ready to be achieved at the time of delivery. If that is supplied to us ahead of time, that will be attached to the paperwork for the delivery crew.
  • Once these items are set, they do not get moved so please be prepared ahead of time or you may be subject to an additional labor charge. 
  • We do offer an additional setup and/or takedown service that covers your chairs and tables for an additional cost. 
  • The crew does not handle any china, flatware, glassware, linen or chair seat pads of any kind.  
  • When renting China, Flatware or Glassware, there is a Dish Handling fee that is required for all dish orders that covers any missing or damaged items upon return.  Anything returned missing or damaged that exceeds the Dish Handling Fee will incur an additional replacement cost fee.
  • Any China, Flatware, or Glassware orders must be rinsed completely free of debris upon its return.  If these items are returned in a manner that requires additional cleaning, a Dish Cleaning fee will be applied to your account and you are responsible for that cost.  If you know ahead of time that you are unable to rinse these items, we are able to apply that fee to the invoice ahead of time.  

  • Free quotes are available at the customer's request.  The quote is merely a statement of cost.  It does not secure your order and your items listed on that quote are not officially booked.  It is the customer's responsibility to confirm that quote with the G.J.'s Rentals office staff in order to move forward.
  • A deposit will be due at the time of booking.  Deposit amounts vary per order.
    Orders without a tent will require 25% (rounded) of the balance at the time of booking as a deposit amount. This will reserve your order with us.
    Reserving a tent(s), at any time, requires 50% standalone rate (rounded) of the tent(s) rental cost as a deposit.  If you upgrade your tent, the difference in the deposit amount will be required to secure that larger tent size. If the tent is cancelled, the deposit is forfeit.
    If cancelling a tent while you have other items listed on the invoice, the tent deposit is still forfeit as that deposit amount is a standalone fee.
    We accept all major credit cards.  There is no additional processing fee for electronic payments.
  • All payments can be made in person or by US Mail. We accept cash or money order or credit/debit cards as forms of payment. Electronic payment information can be exchanged with a member of the G.J.’s office staff over the phone.  Final payments can be taken care of over the phone at the time of confirmation for delivery or at the time of the delivery itself.  If you are planning on paying at the time of delivery, the crew are able to accept cash (exact change), cashiers check or money order only.  Gratuity not required but is kindly appreciated.
  • All deposits are applied to the total balance of your invoice.  Deposits for the tent reservation are forfeited if the tent is cancelled at any time. In the event of a cancelation for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited.  
  • Any equipment cancelled after they have been loaded for delivery or at the time of delivery, will be subject to a restocking rate of half the cost of said equipment. If items are cancelled after delivery/setup, the sale is considered final and no longer falls within the half cost policy.
  • Please have your invoice finalized no later than ten days out to avoid situations that may incur any additional fees. Once the invoice is finalized, you are welcome to pay in full ahead of the event date or you are welcome to wait and make the final payment to the crew leader when you sign for the delivery.  Any remaining balance at the time of delivery will be due at that time.

When Renting A Tent
Be sure to have the exact location picked out before we arrive. Make sure there is 10' of space around the perimeter of your rented tent size for tent guide lines and stakes. (Example: 20'x20' tent requires a 30'x30' area) If you are unsure about what size tent will fit in your area, give us a call and we will measure it for you.  (An additional measure fee may apply.)

Check your area for any underground utilities. G.J.'s Rentals is not liable for damage to any underground utilities . It's the customers responsibility to call Miss Dig - a free service - 10 days before your event  at 800-482-7171 or make a reservation online here and have the tent area flagged 5 days prior to the date of event . Miss Dig does not flag irrigation lines or obstructions ground level or overhead. (Example: tree branches, powerlines , etc.)
(Tip of the trade; If you plan ahead and let them know your event date is a week before your actual event date, this service will be done before any potential delivery date gets scheduled to ensure that it is done and ready to go ahead of time)

Customers may be asked to make adjustments on personal properties in order to ensure the tent will fit in the area they are considering for placement.  (example tree branches, roots underground, etc.)  We may need those to be trimmed or removed ahead of time so that we can make sure your tent has the space required for its safe and secure placement.

  • ALL pickups from deliveries will take place within the following two days.  The items rented stay on site for your event during the event date(s) ONLY.  If you are planning to use the rental items for any time beyond the event date(s) on your invoice, it is the customer's responsibility to make us aware of that ahead of time so we can route these pickups accordingly.  If the crew plans a pickup for the following day, and these items are being used when they arrive to retrieve them, you will be charged additional costs for the equipment as well as the fuel charge to come back a second time.  
  • The pickup for all rented items will take place within the following two days of your event and typically begin in the morning.  Please make arrangements to have everything taken care of immediately following your event.   All equipment must be restacked and ready for pick-up either under the tent or together in an easily accessible area for our crew. 
  • Saturday only event dates or extended rental dates that end on Saturdays will be retrieved the following Sunday or Monday and you will receive a notice via email the Friday before your event date.  it is the customer's responsibility to keep up with that so that these items are ready for pickup within the following two days.  (Seasonal schedules are subject to change)
  • Events that take place any other days of the week will be able to expect our crew to arrive the following day for that pickup.
  •  A charge is added if equipment is set up when we arrive, or if there are missing or broken items.
  • Pick-ups are not scheduled and we do not require that someone be on site unless we need additional access to the area where the items are located (gated area, locked building, etc.). That can vary upon different sites and locations.  Please make us aware of that ahead of time.
  • When renting linens, please replace them into the same packing they arrive in and leave them with the other rental items.  Remember to check for any personal linens that might get mixed in before the rental items are retrieved after your event. No laundering of any kind is necessary.  We will take care of that so you don't have to.

China, Flatware, Glassware
  • A Dish Handling Fee is applied to ALL dish orders.  Anything not returned or damaged at the time of return that exceeds the amount of the Dish Handling Fee listed on your rental invoice will be the customer's responsibility to settle that additional replacement cost.  You will be contacted after all dishes have been returned washed and counted back.
  • This fee is non-refundable but it does ensure that any missing or damaged items upon return are covered for replacement costs up to that amount charged ahead of time, as we understand accidents do happen.  If the damage is extensive and exceeds the coverage already applied toward your order, additional charges will apply.
  • Dishes must be rinsed completely free of debris and repacked in the same containers. Extra charges may also applied for anything still soiled pending inspection after items are retrieved.